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Heraldic Artist Gerhard & Bambi Mounet-Lipp

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Genealogy and Heraldry  Artwork & Design

Heraldic Artwork, hand painted Coat of Arms and family tree paintings

Custom designed Coat of Arms company logos - seals,

Unique medieval knight shields

Wedding & Anniversary Gifts.


Personalized family tree artwork & heraldry art

100 % hand painted 

with intricate details and well-defined brushstrokes.

  Available on canvas, leather, wooden plaques, tiles, 

glass ornaments, watercolor paper and vellum as well as

wall murals on stretched canvas for your 

home & business.


Custom Family Coat of Arms plaques and shields


ornate knight shield mcdonald 


Medieval knight shield


Old world family crest plaque

Family crest OLD WORLD

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  OVERSIZE COAT OF ARMS ARTWORK            PORTRAITS with FAMILY CREST           -            WEDDING-ANNIVERSARY-GIFTS         -          TESTIMONIALS         -            HERALDIC ARTIST

PLEASE NOTE: Based upon our experience during last year’s Christmas season, we anticipate being very busy painting 

custom orders this year.  

Due to the high volume of expected orders, we kindly request that you place your order for  Coat of Arms  and 

Family Tree paintings early enough to assure Christmas delivery –  we would love to see you and your family members  

receive your custom artwork in a timely  manner for gift giving.

We take commissions on a first-come, first-served basis

Custom family tree art 

on canvas, leather, watercolor paper

and prints. Genealogy art work, 

an exclusive presentation of  

your ancestors and descendent


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family tree gallery

familiy tree portraits

Family tree with portrait paintings

Exclusive hand painted 

family crest / Coat of Arms 

heraldic artwork on

wooden plaques and shields - 

wooden plates, glass, 

parchment - watercolor paper

leather and canvas !

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family crest gallery

coat of arms on leather, framed

Custom designed Coat of Arms / family crests 

on leather

Personalized m heraldry gifts 

featuring your family crest - 

Coat of Arms. 

Portrait painting with 

family crest ....

Elegant heraldic gifts which will 

enhance your home or office

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 heraldic gifts

Double family crest painting on wooden box

Family crests on wooden boxes 

Double Crest  - wedding crests


Our family crests / Coat of Arms and family trees are shipped world wide ... 

Within the USA .... further more; 

Australia, Germany, Canada, Denmark, France, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy, Ireland, UK,  Bosnia-Herzegovina

Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand,  Costa Rica, Honk Kong, Japan, Spain, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden and adding ...


Video documentation how we create our unique 

family tree paintings .


Video documentation how we create our unique 

family crests / Coat of Arms .

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