Unique wedding, birthday and anniversary gifts, high quality custom heraldry & genealogical gifts - 

Personalized  family trees - coat of arms / family crests

Any of our paintings can be customized for your special occasion

If you have a special request - a pattern - an idea  -

we will be happy to brainstorm the project with you and add your requests 

into the design to create a unique personalized gift for you

logo heraldry artwork

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Anniversary gifts - Wedding gifts - Birthday gifts

Unique gift ideas for the 5th, 10th, 20th, 30th, 40th, 50th  etc. anniversary years

Click on pictures for additional information and more examples - read our    customer comments  

For more unique gift ideas see our  - www.uniquecustomartgifts.com 

family tree paintng for anniversary  

  Custom family tree on canvas

50th anniversary gift

family tree paintng for anniversary 

Family tree painted on watercolor paper,

30th anniversary gift

double family crest artwork

  Wedding crest - double crest 

watercolor paper or canvas

holleran family crest artwork 

Custom family crest - birthday gift

on canvas or leather

medieval knight shield 

Medieval knight shield available in wood or steel

family crest plaque

Family crest plaques 

birthday gift

double family crest wooden box

Double crest on black box 

wedding box


family crest artwork on wooden jug

Wooden jug with  family crest - birthday gift

family tree plate with portrait painting

 Anniversary gift - family tree

with wedding portrait painting

on wooden plate



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