Custom designed Coat of Arms Seals - Heraldry Art 

We provide you with the artwork for your letterhead, business cards, 

personal crest seal, engravings and signet rings.

The B&W artwork / heraldry line art can feature the complete 

Coat of Arms or shield only.

logo heraldry art 


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There are several companies which will be able to

 make the engraving for you, so you will be able to 

get your  wax seal stamps,

 sealing wax, signet ring etc.


The layout - artwork will be e-mailed to you in 

two formats ( PNG or JPEG file ). 

We will send you by standard post 

the original B&W painting on a 11" x 14" 

high quality watercolor paper.

The price for the layout depends on the 

detail of your  family crest. 

Pricing between $ 75.00 to $ 175.00


Crest Seals    


 coat of arms  wax seal


 luescher family coat of arms seal

Family crest seal



 demont coat of arms seal 

De Mont family crest seal 


 coat of arms seal

Family crest seal - Imthurn


 hillenbrand coat of arms seal

Family crest seal for letterhead - logo etc.



 oswald coat of arms seal 

Family crest seal


 stier coat of arms seal

Family crest seal - Stier 


 heinrichs coat of arms seal

Family crest seal


  coat of arms wax seal

Family crest seal with motto


 coat of arms seal

B&W layout for engraving


 list coat of arms seal 

 Family crest seal