Custom painted family crests for the exterior and interior

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 family crest painting on fireplace

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 As alternative, to a traditional wall mural, we offer custom painted canvas murals. If you have an existing niche

 in your hallway, living room etc. Just send us your specific dimensions and we will create your personal family crest mural.


  We will work in our studio on your project and when the artwork is completed it will be shipped to you.


   There are  several advantages for you:

  •     They are removable and if you desire you can  take your painting with you if you are moving to a new location.

  •     They can be installed on the wall or can be framed as art paintings.

  •     Your  home and schedules are not disrupted

  •     Custom canvas murals can be shipped to you

  •     High quality wall murals for a reasonable price

  •     Easy installation - like wall paper


A few examples our custom painted family crests - see our   oversized coat of arms paintings


canvas wall mural - coat of arms

Large canvas mural - Ward coat of arms  approx 46 x 58 inches

canvas wall mural - family crest

Large canvas wall mural -Griffith  coat of arms approx. 40 x 60 inches

   family crest painting with lion  

                Crest painted on stucco  

 family crest relief painting  

Crest  - relief  painting


 family crest paintings   

Crests painted above entree to private chapel

 bern coat od arms above garage

Crest of Bern - above garage

 family crest painting with stag

Exterior wall mural 

Berger Family Crest

  briggs family crest painting  

Briggs family crest painted in 

Living room

 Shakespeare family crest painting on fireplace  

Shakespeare crest on fireplace

 family crest painting

Family crest with decorative painting,

for a restaurant

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