decorative wall plaque wirh ram 


Decorative wall plaques, wedding plaques- European hunting targets

logo heraldry art

Hunting and Shooting Targets as decorative wall plaques

Also available are personalized custom painted plaques about fishing and wildlife, as well as 

decorative shooting targets for hunters ( deer, elk, moose etc. )

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decorative wall plaque shooting ranche   

 Shooting - hunting targets 

 Hand Painted 

 Decorative Hunting Plaques

 available in 20" or 24" inches 

 "On the shooting range" 







decorative wall plaque wirh stag 

 Shooting - hunting targets 

Decorative Hunting Target


 available in 16' , 20" or 24" inches 


 A short saying or name and date, etc.  

can be added on banner.

 Birthdays - Anniversary etc. 




decorative wall plaque wirh winter scenery

 Shooting -  hunting targets 

Hand Painted 

 Decorative Hunting Plaques 

 available in 20" and 24 " inches

 "Enjoyment on ice" 








 Shooting  hunting targets 

 Hand Painted 

 Decorative hunting Plaques


 available in 20" or 24" inches 


 "Wine making"  with saying

 " A good glass of wine makes everybody 

  feel young again"

 Use our form to add your own 

saying, etc



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