Family Crest Details

We love details and the individuality, every Coat of Arms is different in there painting style.

  -  a family crest painting can not be rushed - it has to be very exact, 

the color blending and choices need to be... just right ! 

If this works out ... then the painting will be an attractive presentation of a family heritage.


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crest with helmet detail

Family crest on watercolor paper


coat of arms with unicorn

Coat of Arms on leather 

detail familiy crest painting

Family crest on leather 

Schuhmacher family crest detail

      Family crest - gold / black on watercolor paper


family crest detail

Family crest on canvas

Family crest on wooden plaque with gold wash

asien family crest painting detail


Asian Family Crest with very detailed brushwork 

antique family crest detail

Crests are painted with an old painting technique 

on antiqued watercolor paper


valdivieso family crest detail 

 Family crest painted with  gold leaf paint on wooden plaque


manor crest detail

 Coat of Arms with very detailed artwork - 

using gold leaf paint.


leonard family crest detail


This crest was a delight to paint -  I enjoyed adding all that detail artwork

marschall family crest detail

A very fine crest painting done with silver leaf paint

 family crest detail

This crest has been painted in an old technique, it is a reproduction from a 

family crest painting dating back to about 1500 

 family crest detail

                      Detail with soft brushstrokes and blending


 family crest detail            

Family crest paintings on leather



  family crest detail                  family crest detail                 family crest detail

Family crest paintings on canvas, dimensional painting, blending , soft brushstrokes and shadows 


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