Wooden desk box - wedding box 2

Exclusive custom hand painted wooden box with family crest.

An elegant gift- a beautiful wooden box, hand painted in old world style featuring 

your Coat of Arms - family crest, decorated with heraldic design.


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family crest wooden box - lid 

family crest wooden box - front

family crest wooden box - side

family crest wooden box - inside

family crest wooden box

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family crest wooden wedding  box

Wedding box with family crest

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hirachmann family crest wooden box

Hirschmann family crest box - baby keepsake box

crockett family crest wooden box

Crockett  family crest box - Graduation gift box

elder family crest wooden box

Double crest - wedding box. Elder and Rose family crest box

  Douglas family crest on light oak stained wooden box

double crest wooden box

Double crest - Hirschfeld and Dover family crest box

 double family crest wooden box

Double Crest Moore & Fraser on black box

  ferber family crest wooden box

Ferber family crest shield on light oak stained wooden box


           Family crest wooden desk box - wedding box        

Exclusive wooden box with family crest hand painted on black, burgundy, soft white or light oak background --  

customize, personalize your keepsake box with name, family motto, add a short sentiment on the inside lid of box.

 Box is painted  in a old world painting technique and gold leaf paint.

Ideal heraldry gift for any special occasion - wedding - birthday - anniversary- Christmas etc 

Box has a curved top and is 11 x 8 x 4 inch - comes with a satin finish. 

This beautiful desk box is a unique addition to any home or office.


Box with single crest  $  169.00  -  Box with double crest  $  189.00

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