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coat of arms with unicorns

Hand painted Coat of Arms on leather


Coat of Arms hand painted on canvas 

Custom painted family crest -

Coat of Arms on canvas 

Coat of Arms Barringer hand painted on watercolor paper

Family crests on watercolor paper

wedding family crest painting

Wedding crest - Coat of Arms

Wedding gifts

coat of arms logo with dogs

Coat of Arms - crest logo on canvas, 

watercolor paper or wooden signs  


Novelty Coat of Arms


knight shield - decorative medieval shield


Medieval shields - handcrafted wooden 

and steel knight shields

Custom desigbned wedding monogram - crest monogram

Wedding monogram - crest monogram


Ecclesiastical Heraldry


Family crest double plaque old world - McDowell

 Family Coat of Arms    

Old World - double wall plaques 

Douple plaque with coat of arms

Coat of Arms double shield plaques


family crest plaque old world

Family Coat of Arms -

available in sgrafitto or color

Old World - wall plaques 

family crest plaque traditional

Buchholz family crest wooden plaques

Classic and traditional plaque styles

family crest painting on gold wash plaque

Volker family Coat of Arms plaques

with gold wash 

cheever family crest painting

Family crest on "Old English" wooden plaques


family crest on round plaque

Decorative wall plaque

antiqued round shield w. family crest 



Coat of arms shield relief

Custom Coat of Arms shields


Family crest painting on wooden plate

Family Crest wooden plates 


Wooden box with family crest

Family crest wooden box



family crest ceramic plaque

Family crest hand painted ceramic plaque








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