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Exclusive detailed knight shields, award shields with Family Crest - 

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Medieval shields, custom hand crafted knight shields

If you like to have your crest painted just send us a picture of your existing Coat of Arms, 

a rough sketch or your company logo, 

we may find your family crest in our heraldry archive - we also design your personal Coat of Arms !





Our Family crest  - Coat of Arms wooden plaques are available in a variety of styles 


Family crest Old World

Family crest Gold Deco

Family crest Traditional

Family crest Old English

Family crest  Wooden Plates 

Family crest Classic


      See   detail artwork   of crest paintings 



Decorative Shields available in wood or steel


 The background colors for the shield are complimented to the colors of the Coat of Arms

they maybe can be soft black, soft white, antique white, dark red, gold, bronze etc.


Prices vary depending on the complexity of the artwork, elaborate details - supporters - double crest etc. 

For price estimate please send us your Coat of Arms picture file 

We take commissions on a first-come, first-served basis

Canadian customers please contact us for our unique discount sale/shipping offers !


click here for antiqued shield version       close up pictures family crest paintings


medieval knight shield with helmet and crest display      knight shield display           knight shield with custom family crest painting




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medieval knght shield with double crest lion

Medieval knight shield - 

28 x 19 inch, slightly curved shield,

 hand crafted from quality wood 

using multiple layered glued

 12 mm plywood.
Shield is covered with canvas and 

has 4 straps of strong calf leather

 Weight is approx.  5 lbs 


Starting from  $ 345.00

Article #   W-MKS-28


decorative shield antique

Medieval knight shield - 

steel 28 x 19 inch - curved shape 

constructed from 18 gauge steel, 

with wooden handle welded

 to the shield. 

Weight is approx. 8  lbs


Starting from  $ 375.00

Article #   St-MKS-28


medieval knight shield with geese

Medieval knight shield - 

steel 24 x 20 inch - curved shape

constructed from 16 gauge steel., 

with chain for hanging. 

Weight is approx. 7  lbs


Starting from  $ 295.00

Article #   St-MKS-24




decorative knight shield 4 pointed

4-pointed  decorative shield


 27x 22 inch steel knight shield - 

border with gold leaf painted rivets

Starting from  $ 465.00  Article # 4-MKS-27/22


Weight is approx. 6.5  lbs

Comes with chain for hanging

or with leather arm strap and steel handle.


Also available in 18.5 x 14 inch  - 

starting from$ 345.00


Article #   4--MKS-18/14

Weight is approx. 4.5 lbs

Comes with chain for hanging



 Medieval knight shield with Haskins Coat of Arms

 Exclusive 4-pointed decorative shield 

 34 x 17 inch steel knight shield - 

border with gold leaf painted rivets.

Chain for hanging

Weight is approx. 8 lbs


Starting from  $ 585.00

Article #   BO--MKS-34

wooden knight shield -back

Back of wooden shield with 

4 straps of strong calf leather

For hanging use picture wire

shield with chain

4-pointed shields with chain for hanging 



Leather arm strap and steel handle.



 steel medieval knight shield back side

Back of 28 x 19 steel shields with

wooden handle

For hanging use picture wire


FOR CUSTOM ORDERS contact us  for details.  

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