Family Crests - Coat of Arms- Old English Wooden Plaques

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Hand painted family crests plaques 

If you like to have your crest painted just send us a picture of your existing crest or we may

find it in our heraldry archive - we also design your personal crest - Coat of Arms !

We ship world wide ! 




Our Family crest  - Coat of Arms plaques are available in a variety of styles 


Family crest Old World

Family crest Gold Deco

Family crest Traditional

Family crest Old English

Family crest  Wooden Plates 

Family crest Classic


      See   detail artwork   of crest paintings 


Old English Family Crest Plaque 

The inspiration for this plaque shape came from a 18th century family crest shield.

Wooden pine plaques are available with  antique finish

soft white - light oak - walnut - soft black or rich burgundy background 

 They are hand painted and signed by the artist, each wooden  plaque is created with 

very fine,  detailed brushstroke work. 

Available in    11" x 13"  /  16" x  18"   /  22" x 24" and  32" x 36"  or custom sizes on request.


We can design a family crest for you or   send us   your existing family crest image or we may 

have your  Coat of Arms on file.


family crest wooden plaque with antique finish 

antique finish - side view


More info or to order    family crest plaque or shield   Heraldic Art & Design

 russell family crest wooden plaque

 Russell family crest plaque

30" x 34 " maple wood with walnut stain


Stevens Coat of Arms plaque

 Stevens Coat of Arms plaque on  

antique white background



   fogartyfamily crest wooden plaque

 Fogarty family crest plaque  with 

antique gold background


 barry family crest wooden plaque

 Barry family crest plaque

30" x 34 " maple wood with walnut stain


 kline family crest wooden plaque

 Kline family crest plaque 11 x 13



abercrombie clan crest wooden plaque

 Abercrombie Clan Crest 


 family crest plaque wall decor

Family crest plaque wall decor


 cheever family crest plaque  

 Cheevers  family crest plaque  11 x 13




FOR CUSTOM ORDERS contact us for for details.  

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