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 Family Crests - Coat of Arms - Old World Wooden Plaques 


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Hand painted family crests plaques - We ship world wide ! 

If you like to have your family crest painted just send us your picture of your existing crest or we may

find it in our heraldry archive.


  TESTIMONIALS     LARGE & UNIQUE Coat of Arms Plaques   


Our Family crest  - Coat of Arms plaques are available in a variety of styles and sizes


Family crest Old World

Family crest Gold Deco

Family crest Traditional

Family crest Old English

Family crest  wooden plates 

Family crest Classic

Gold leaf knight shield

Family crest     round shields

 Family crest medieval shields


      See   detail artwork   of crest paintings 


Family crest plaques Old World 


The inspiration for this plaque shape came from a 17th century family crest shield, made from solid wood and

hand painted with splendid brushstroke and detailed art work. Painted in sgraffito style ( B&W) gives this family crest plaque 

an unique appearance. Sgraffito is an old European painting technique which has been widely use for decorating housing fašades.


This is a great presentation of your family crest / Coat of Arms, made from cedar wood, or sign boar, the edges are rounded off.

Cedar wood plaques are a great solution for outdoor use.

For the background color we use a soft white which is lightly antiqued -

Because this plaque is just a little more as 1 inch thick, this gives the plaque a wonderful heavy / bold character.

Available in single or double plaque

  10" x 11"  /  12" x 13" / 17" x  19"  /  22" x 24"  /  27" x 30" and  32" x 35"  or custom sizes on request.

More info or to order    family crest plaque or shield   Heraldic Art & Design



bw family crest wooden plaque    family crest double plaque wall display   family crest wooden plaque side view

Side view with antiquing                                          Example double plaque wall display                             Side view with gold leaf paint



Gallery  1  /   2  


Kohary Coat of Arms - antique white family crest plaque

Kohary Coat of Arms - antique white


coat of arms plaque lordi

Coat of Arms Lordi


Burggraf Coat of Arms - old gray woden plaque

                     Burggraf Coat of Arms - old gray


coat of arms shield


Coat of Arms shield


Coat of Arms Hamilton

Coat of Arms  Hamilton


coat of arms shield 2

Coat of Arms shield


coat of arms sherman

Sherman - Coat of Arms 

on soft white  background 

wedding coat of arms brouse

Brouse  - Wedding Coat of Arms 

on soft white  background 

coat of arms logo - Patel

Patel  - Coat of Arms logo

on antique white  background 

 burch wedding family crest wooden plaque

Burch -custom designed wedding crest 

on white  background 

family crest with bee and bear

Custom designed Zaher family crest on

soft white  background 

morgan family crest wooden plaque

Morgan family crest on

antique white  background 





FOR CUSTOM ORDERS contact us  for details.  

Wooden plaques are available in 5 different shapes 

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