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Unique family crest plaques - We ship world wide ! 

If you like to have your family crest painted just send us a picture of your existing crest or we may

find it in our heraldry archive - we also design your personal family crest - Coat of Arms !


Our Family crest  - Coat of Arms plaques are available in a variety of styles


Family crest Old World

Family crest Gold Deco

Family crest Traditional

Family crest Old English

Family crest  wooden plates 

Family crest Classic

Gold leaf knight shield

Family crest     round shields

 Family crest medieval shields


             LARGE & UNIQUE Coat of Arms Plaques 


 Your family crest can be painted on traditional or classic style wooden pine plaques.

 The background color may have an antique finish - or choose one of following backgrounds ...

  Soft white, light oak, walnut brown, rich burgundy, soft black and gold wash.


     Custom designed  FAMILY CREST PLAQUES        See   detail artwork   of crest paintings 


Click on pictures to order or here for pricing and background colors


Our family crest plaques are available in    9" x 8"  /  12" x 14"  / 14" x 17" /  20" x 26" /  28" x 36" 


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Wildfung Coat of Arms plaque 

Wildfung Coat of Arms plaque 


Flaim Coat of Arms plaque 

Flaim Coat of Arms plaque 


Princiotta Coat of Arms plaque 

Princiotta Coat of Arms plaque 


Custom designed Dolzhenkov Coat of Arms plaque

Custom design Dolzhenkov Coat of Arms plaque


Bourgeois family crest painting

Bourgeois Coat of Arms plaque 


Coat of Arms Scrafitto 

Walther Coat of Arms

painted in European Sgraffito technique

family crest plaque

Stritzelberger Coat of Arns 


crest plaque fireplace

Crest plaque on fireplace

Coat of Arms Staudt

Staudt Coat of Arms plaque 

Coat of Arms wooden  plaque

Enteles Coat of Arms plaque


coat od arms plaque gross

Gross Coat of Arms plaque


Coat of Arms wooden  plaque

Von Rehekampf Coat of Arms plaque



FOR CUSTOM ORDERS call for details. Wooden plaques are available on 

  antiqued finish - soft white - light oak - walnut - soft black or rich burgundy background 

 They are hand painted and signed by the artist, each wooden  plaque is created with very fine,  detailed brushstroke work. 

Wooden plaques are available in 5 different shapes 

More info or to order    family crest plaque or shield   Heraldic Art & Design

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