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Family Crest Paintings on Wooden Plates


To start with a family crest painting we usually receive from our customers a digital picture,

a simple drawing or a description how the family crest should look like. This gives us a base to

work from to create a wonderful family crest painting  - a high quality painting

with attention to details.

Anniversary - Wedding Family Crest Plates

  The outside border is decorated with delicate ornate brushwork.

Family crest has been painted on  a wooden plate, there are two sizes available  - 12 and 14 inches. We can customize your plate, color coordinate etc. If you would like to order

your family crest painted on a wooden plate - send us  your existing family crest 

image or we may be able to find your family crest in our archive.

Custom painted anniversary or wedding  plates. 

Family crest / coat of arms painted on a  12 or 14 inch wooden plate -

prices are 145.00 and 169.00 USD