Wooden coasters, exclusive hand painted coasters with family crest shield

An elegant gift- a beautiful set of coasters, hand painted in old world style featuring 

your Coat of Arms - family crest shield, decorated with a heraldic design.

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 Family crests murals



Wooden Coasters and holder ( Set of 4 or 6 ) painted with your family crest - shield.        

Wooden coasters with Coat of Arms -shield  hand painted on black background --  customize, personalize your coasters

with name scroll etc.. Painted  in a old world painting technique and gold leaf paint.

Ideal heraldry gift for any special occasion - wedding - birthday - anniversary- Christmas etc 

Coaster area 4" x 4" - comes with a satin finish. 

They are available in sets of 4 or 6 coasters


Priced at   49.00    &    59.00   USD    COAFC-WD

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