Wooden pitcher - hand painted beer mug with family crest

A very unique gift- beautiful wooden jug decorated with your family crest.

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Wooden beer mug with family crest

Wooden mug - 1.5 l  /  50 ounces beer mug with handle 

Pitcher is hand crafted from solid wood  (birch) - is suitable for use - top quality !

Decorated with your Coat of Arms on black or natural wood background. 

We will customize your personal mug for you -  makes a great decor piece !

Just  SEND US  your family crest picture or we may have our crest in our archive - 

and we will create a wonderful family crest beer mug for you.

Ideal heraldry gift for any special occasion - wedding - birthday - fathers day - anniversary- Christmas etc 

Mug is  approx 8 inches high and with 4,5 inches diameter and comes with a satin finish. 

The mug is handmade. Inside is covered with beeswax and cooking oil

which under high heat will be impregnated into the wood until all the pores are filled.

Price starting from 95.00 to  165.00  USD  depending on your Coat of Arms

There can be a shield only, a standard family crest or an elaborated Coat of Arms with double crest etc.

Contact us for pricing and send picture to  mlstudio@familytreesandcrests.com 


Wooden mug with double crest - beer mug

Wooden mug with double crest

Wooden mug with family crest - beer mug

Wooden mug with family crest


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