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Personalized Family Tree Paintings on canvas

Hand painted family tree w. Coat of Arms - 13 generations
Logo - family tree paintings canvas
Family tree painting with portrait paintings and home
Family tree painting with home and coat of arms
Custom Family tree painting with home
Custom family tree with family history
Family tree painting with Coat of Arms and family history
Family tree painting with family crest painted on canvas
Custom family tree painting with portraits paintings, family crest and home town

Examples of our custom hand painted family tree paintings 

See video how we create our family tree paintings

Custom Family Tree Paintings for Parents & Grandparents


Ancestors & Descendant Family Trees created with realistic portrait paintings -

anniversary portraits, Coat of Arms of your family & ancestors,

your home, hometown etc. A pictorial presentation of your family heritage.

Our family trees are 100 % hand painted using the finest acrylic paints.

 The final product is a unique piece of family tree artwork that will become

a cherished family heirloom.

We ship our family tree paintings worldwide !

You must be inpossession of your genealogical research data to order

you custom family tree.( up to 2 free design revisions ).  They are unique

one of a kind family tree paintings  - standard design family trees

start from 295.00 USD -  for a 11  x 14 inch painting on  

canvas or watercolor paper.

If you like to include any additional subjects for a personalized

family tree ( for example:... portraits, picture of home, family crest,

scenery, motto etc...) .anything which is important for your

family history - please contact us for pricing ! Family trees are

available in various sizes.

16 x 20 /  22 x 28 / 24 x 36 / 30 x 40 / 36 x 48  / 48 x 60  or custom size !

Family tree painting w. Family Coat of Arms

Family tree painting w. Coat of Arms shields -

13 generations

Family tree art w. portrait paintings and family crests

Family tree painting w. Coat of Arms

Family tree painting with home

Family tree painting  -  family history

Custom family tree w. portrait paintings

Family tree painting with home

Hand Painted Family Trees