family tree painting w. coat of arms - genealogy art
Banner Heraldry Art

Custom family tree art w. hand painted portraits and Coat of arms

 Personalized family tree art

on canvas  with 

Coat of Arms or portrait paintings 


When you prefer a personalized

family tree - the tree design will

include important subjects which 

reflects your family history.

               Standard family tree 

painting on watercolor paper

A standard design looks very

similar as our picture is

showing. landscape scenery 

may varies, also depending

how many names  we will use,

the name plaques will create the

branches of the tree


 Family tree with or without  

portrait painting

on a  12  and 14 inch wooden 

plate. In the center it will

 show your family tree,

Outside rim features an 

elegant ornate old world

scroll design. 

Banner can be customized 

with name, date etc.

Our family trees are shipped worldwide !

Personalized Family Tree Paintings for Parents - Grandparents 

Ancestors & Descendant Family Tree Art  with Portrait Paintings or Coat of Arms Genealogy art gift a pictorial presentation

of your family heritage hand painted on canvas or watercolors paper.