TESTIMONIALS Genealogy Artwork

Personalized Family Tree Paintings on Canvas or Watercolor Paper

Hand painted Genealogy Trees on canvas, watercolor paper or wooden plates

Personalizedfamily tree paintings coat of arms - genealogy family histor
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Banner - ancestry tree

 Personalized painting  on canvas  


When you prefer a personalized

family tree painting it may includes

portraits, Coat of Arms or any

important subjects which 

reflects your family history.

               Simple genealogy tree 

paintings on watercolor paper

A standard design looks very

similar as our picture is

showing. landscape scenery 

may varies, also depending

how many names  we will use,

the name plaques will create the

branches of the family tree


 Family tree plate with or


portrait paintings

hand painted on a 

12  or 14 inch wooden plate. 

Outside rim features an 

elegant ornate old world

scroll design. 

Banner can be customized 

with name, date etc.

 Personalized Genealogical Artwork


Based upon your genealogical research, we can create a family tree

that is as unique and individual as your family. Your additional data

about your family surroundings, portrait paintings, important stages during decades / centuries will personalize and create a unique

one of the kind genealogical artwork.

Every tree is individually designed, with intricate details,

personalized to reflect your family's history.


Each ancestry trees are 100 % hand painted using the finest acrylic paints.

 The final product is a unique piece of art that will become a

cherished family heirloom. 


Your tree may incl. 

First and last name  - birth name of spouse, place and date of birth

 and death - date of marriage,  your ancestor  - your descendant, 

your home - birthplace,  your coat of arms or town crest - occupations  - 

portrait paintings,  any important feature of your life and family, 

as well enhancements with decorative borders

Custom Genealogical Artwork for your Parents - Grandparents 

We create your personalized Family Tree Paintings with Portraits and Coat of Arms.

Genealogical family trees are a pictorial presentation of your family heritage, custom hand painted on wooden plates,

canvas or watercolors paper.

Our custom paintings are shipped world wide !