Custom Family Crest on Wooden Plates 

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  See detail artwork of crest paintings 



Anniversary or wedding family crest on wooden plates (pine)    -    other   wedding gifts

The outside frame is decorated with delicate ornate brushwork. Coat of Arms has been painted on  a wooden plate, 

there are two sizes available  - 12" and 14" inches. We can customize your plate, color coordinate etc.

 If you would like to order your family crest painted on a wooden plate - send us  your existing family crest image

or we might be able to find your family crest in our archive.

Click on pictures for close ups 


Order your custom family crest plate

family crest plate rainey

 Rainey Family Crest Wooden Plate 

family crest plate nyfeller

  Nuffeler Family Crest Wooden Plate 

family crest plate

   Family Crest w. Swan Wooden Plate 

Wooden plate with Lipp Mounet crest

Custom painted 

Mounet - Lipp  Name Crest 

including symbols of  occupation

 (tools of the trade)



Hirschmann family crest on wooden plate

Family Crest Plate - Hirschmann

commemorative plate





family crest plate Politz 

Family Crest Plate - Politz

Wedding plate, date & name painted 

on a scroll.

family crest wooden plate

Family Crest Plate - Jannermann

Plate has been color coordinated

to the interior



Kelly family crest painting on wooden plate

Family Crest Plate - Kelly




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