Heraldic charges  - attitude 

Examples of heraldic animals in different positions 

In heraldry an attitude is the position in which an animal, mythical creature etc  is emblazoned as a charge, 

supporter or crest.

Animals and animal-like creatures are presumed to be shown in profile,  humans and human-like beings 

are presumed to be shown facing frontward ( afftonté )


      a.)   Dexter (right) - the viewer's left.

      b.)  Sinister (left) - turned to face the viewer's right.

      c.)  Affronté  -  an animal or being that is faced toward the viewer. 

      d.)  Guardant  -  head turned to face the viewer.

      e.)  Regardant  - head turned backward, looking over it's shoulder.

While there are a large number of terms for attitudes of creatures may exist - 

the following are a small selection of the most popular among these.


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Family crest on canvas


Coat of Arms on leather


Coat of Arms Logo


Novelty  crest

Novelty crests


Heraldic animals displayed in a variety of positions.


               THE LION 

Lion coward

Lion rampant

Lion rampant double queued

Lion rampant queue fourché

Lion rampant regardant

Lion rampant tail nowed

Demi lion rampant


Lion salient

Lion sejant erect

 Lion sejant

Lion sejant regardant erect

Lion statant

Lion passant

Lion passant guardant

Lion passant regardant

Lion couchant

Lion head couped

Lion head 

Winged lion

Man Lion

Medieval battle 




Gold leaf gilded

 knight shield


Old World 

family crest plaque


Family crest on wooden

plaque with gold leaf wash


             THE BEAR

Bear passant

Bear statant

Bear rampant

Bear sejant erect

Bear head couped

Bear head erased muzzled

Demi bear rampant muzzled

Family crest on wooden



Family crest on 

wooden plate


Coat of Arms seal


Double crest -

wedding crest on 

wooden box




Boar rampant

Boar passant


Demi boar rampant 

Boar head erased

                 THE BULL                                                                           THE PEGASUS

Bull passant



Bull rampant


Pegasus passant

Pegasus rampant

           THE HORSE   

Horse rampant

Horse passant

Horse courant

Horse head erased

            THE GRIFFIN


Griffin segreant

Griffin statant

Griffin passant


Griffin head erased



Eagle close

Eagle displayed

Eagle rising wings elevated

Eagle wings inverted

Eagle rising wings elevated addorsed

Eagle head couped


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