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Family crest on canvas


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Novelty  crest

Novelty crests


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Gold leaf gilded

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Family crest on wooden



Old World 

family crest plaque


Family crest on wooden

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Double crest -

wedding crest on 

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Double crest on 

glass ornament


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trade crest


Coat of Arms



   family crest painting detail   family crest painting detail   family crest painting detail  family crest painting detail 

Heraldry symbols and their meanings I - P

In this section of our website we would like to give you some additional information relating to the symbols of coat of arms

a  variety of icons, colors and heraldic animals. We have selected some of the most common coat of arms symbols, from

time to time we update our list. In addition to the graphics, we have added some detailed descriptions. 

Of course there are many more heraldic symbols as shown here. There are many imaginative variations and combinations

  in every crest design that identifies the particular carrier /owner of a family crest.


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Please note that the following listed symbol descriptions and meanings have  been compiled from a variety of heraldic sources

Besides these symbols being globally used, the opinions and interpretations between heraldic researchers may vary slightly.

We update our page regularly with heraldic symbols !


   Examples of heraldic animals in different attitude / positions             Heraldic Tincture, Metals  & Colors - Dividing Lines


Examples of  Heraldry Shield Divisions


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Heraldic symbols in alphabetical ranking

In addition to the following symbols, we have collected a few examples of each for your reference as to 

how the heraldic symbols can be used for a family crest / Coat of Arms design. 

Click on image to see examples



HERALDIC  CHARGES       A - D      E - H       I - P      Q - Z



Ivy Leaves

Strong and lasting friendship

Inkhorn or Inkwell

Art of writing and educated employment






The key is a symbol of knowledge,
guardianship and dominion. two key
      cross is the symbol of St. Peter, the
the key to the gates of heaven




A knight on horseback, represents a
warriors. Can also be the way of the  

people represent through life.






A symbol of faith, innocence, gentleness, 

purity and resolute spirit.


Representing the first son



The perfection of martial affairs; emblem of knightly 

service; devotion to honor


Leg - Triskelion

Strength, stability, and expedition



Lightning Bolt

Symbol for swiftness and power




The lion has always enjoyed a high place

 in the heraldry as the emblem of undying courage,  

and hence that of a valiant warrior.



Symbol of honesty, constancy, noble birth



Contemplation; tempered judgment



A symbols of eloquence. The mermaid is 

generally represented with the traditional 

mirror and comb in her hands.


The bog is a person of the crusades in the
   fought with great bravery - or "took
the head "of many enemies.


Mountain and Rocks

Hills provide security, shelter 

and protection




Serene power over mundane actions


Moor cock

Association with the law or the legal profession

Mullet - Star

Divine quality from above and mark of third son




Passion - pins symbolize remembrance  

and sorrow






Oak Tree / Leaves

Great age and strength

Ostrich plumes

Willing obedience and serenity



Circle of something; preservation or protection




One who lives life to the fullest




The owl symbolizes vigilance
and repartee.



Somebody who is vigilant and of acute wit



The parrot or a bugbear, as it is called in heraldry

 can mean excellent service in 

a tropical country

Palm Tree

 symbolizes righteousness  

and resurrection



The peacock is a symbol of immortality.  

He also represent  

beauty, power and knowledge.


Symbol of resurrection



Symbolizes the duties of a parent or parental love



Person of many resources


Fortitude and constancy; with serpent coiled 

around it, wisdom with fortitude


Death and eternal life thereafter


Laboring in the earth and depending upon providence


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