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Heraldry symbols

In this section of our website we would like to give you some additional information relating to the symbols of  

coat of arms, a  variety of icons, colors and heraldic animals. We have selected some of the most common  

coat of arms symbols, from time to time we update our list. In addition to the graphics, we have added  

some detailed descriptions.  Of course there are many more heraldic symbols as shown here.  

There are many imaginative variations and 

combinations in every crest design that identifies the particular carrier /owner of a family crest.


   Examples of heraldic animals in different attitude / positions                       Heraldic Helmet- collection of traditional helmets  / helm  


HERALDIC  CHARGES    A - B     C- D     E - H       I - P      Q - Z 


Heraldic Tincture, Metals  & Colors




 Gold / Or  - Yellow

Understanding, respect, virtue 

and majestic -generosity 

Silver / Argent - White


Cleanliness, wisdom, innocence,

 sincerity, peace and joy





Red / Gules 

Eagerness to 

serve his country.  

Warrior & martyr


Blue / Azure

Steadfastness, strength  

truth & loyalty


Black / Sable

Grief and
resistance, constancy



Green / Vert 

Freedom, beauty, 

joy, health and hope

loyalty in love


Purple  / Purpure

Majesty, justice 

and sovereignty



Maroon / Murray

Victorious - Persevering 

in the battle


(Tawny or Tenne)

Worthy ambition



Examples of heraldic shield divisions

more examples of  Heraldry Shield Divisions


heraldic shield divisions

Defense or protection

heraldic shield divisions 2


heraldic shield divisions 3

Rule and authority

heraldic shield divisions 4

Faith and protection

heraldic shield divisions 5

Military strips or
Belt of Valor

heraldic shield divisions 6

Military strength or bravery.

heraldic shield divisions 7

            Stands for military strength

        or fortitude.

heraldic shield divisions 8

Honor - reward for performance 

of eminent service

heraldic shield divisions 9


Dividing lines

Dividing lines

Earth & Country

Dividing lines 2


the sea or water 


clouds and air


Dividing lines 3

Represents fire, or
the walls of a fortress
or city


Dividing lines 4

Represents the radiation
the sun. symbolizes
also fame and glory


HERALDIC  CHARGES    A - B     C- D     E - H       I - P      Q - Z 


Please note that listed symbols, descriptions and meanings have been compiled from

variety of heraldic sources. Besides these symbols being globally used, the opinions and 

interpretations between heraldic researchers may vary slightly.

We update our page regularly with heraldic symbols !

knight shield four pointed long

Ornate knight shield

medieval knight shield wood

Medieval battle 

shields -wood or steel

Family crest gold leaf


Gold leaf gilded

 knight shield

Family crest old world

Old World 

family crest plaque

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