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Heraldry symbols and their meanings

In this section of our website we would like to give you some additional information relating to the symbols of coat of arms

a  variety of icons, colors and heraldic animals. We have selected some of the most common coat of arms symbols, from

time to time we update our list. In addition to the graphics, we have added some detailed descriptions. 

Of course there are many more heraldic symbols as shown here. There are many imaginative variations and combinations

  in every crest design that identifies the particular carrier /owner of a family crest.

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Please note that the following listed symbol descriptions and meanings have  been compiled from a variety of heraldic sources

Besides these symbols being globally used, the opinions and interpretations between heraldic researchers may vary slightly.

We update our page regularly with heraldic symbols !


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Heraldic Tincture, Metals  & Colors



 Gold / Or 

Understanding, respect, virtue and 

majestic -generosity 

Silver - White / Argent

Cleanliness, wisdom, innocence,

 peace and joy



Red / Gules 

Eagerness to 

serve his country. Warrior & martyr

Blue / Azure

Steadfastness, strength & loyalty

Black / Sable

Grief and

Green / Vert 

Freedom, beauty, joy, health,

  and hope


Majesty, justice 

and sovereignty


Rewarding Ambition


Victorious - Persevering 

in the battle




Examples of heraldic shield divisions


Defense or protection


Rule and authority

Faith and protection

Military strips or
Belt of Valor

Military strength or bravery.

Stands for military strength

 or fortitude.



Dividing lines

Earth & Country


the sea or water 


clouds and air

Represents fire, or
the walls of a fortress
or city

Represents the radiation
the sun. symbolizes
also fame and glory




Heraldic symbols in alphabetical ranking



The character of the acorn is  

independence, strength and  

antiquity represents



The anchor is a symbol of salvation,  

the hope
and religious steadfastness.



The angel is always in full view, shown with
the wings extended and upright. He is the
bearer of the good news as well as dignity,
honor and glory.



Symbol of the ant traditionally meant one 

who the workers a strong, wise and  

foresighted in all his affairs.




. The antelope means harmony, peace  

and political wisdom. The antelope  

was occasionally considered 

a symbol the purity and speed used.




The anvil - symbol of honor 




Antlers represent strength and fortitude.



Apples symbolize generosity, happiness,
peace and salvation. All kinds of fruit  

were as symbols of God's goodness  



The arm represents an industrious people,
someone who believes in hard work 


Armored Arm

 Represents a person who served as a  

senior person has or leader possesses.


Arrows symbolize martial readiness.
If is represented by a cross, it is
represents a disease as a 

result of the war.





He wears the emblem of strength,  

cunning and cruelty in the protection  

of the clan. A bear is also a symbol of

 healing and personal health and bravery.


The boar is the symbol of courage.  

a champion with the wild animals,  

he is a fierce fighter.



Boar Head

Represents the restaurant or the one 

which is hospitable.



Bay Leaves

In antiquity it was a sign of peace
Seen and stillness.
A symbol of 
victory and glory, especially after one
long, inner struggle.



The bee is a sign of industry, creativity,  

wealth, diligence and eloquence. the 

used it as a symbol of royal power.


Birds of all species (blackbirds, 

thrushes,  red bird) provide peace 

and affection for

  the home and family.



A bull, also known as an ox,
represents bravery and generosity,  

The horns are the strength and fortitude.  

The calf is a old heraldic tradition with the 

properties of patience, humility and
sacrifice connected.



The buckle is self defense
and protection,


 Symbol for justice, virtue, wealth and prosperity



The camel symbolizes temperance, 

patience and  perseverance.



The castle symbolizes spiritual strength 

and vigilance, as well as at home  

and safety.



A symbol of  liberty, vigilance and courage.


Chains are a symbolic representation
the salary is acceptable and important services.


  He  is a bird of great courage in battle,  

Therefore, it is a sign of hero, one who

  fought with courage and perseverance.

Crescent Moon

The crescent moon is a symbol of hope  

to greater honor. sign for

 the second son  



A crow is a permanent settlement
and a quiet life




As with all crowns, is the heavenly crown
a symbol of victory, sovereignty and empire.
It is a visible sign of success, therefore,
the term "coronation", and its importance

 as decoration of the ultimate level of rank  

and power, wear the crown, makes  

a great honor.


The cypress is the symbol of death and
   of eternal life.
is the symbol of death and
   of eternal life.

Cross Moline

Eight son




The dog is the symbol for courage
vigilance and fidelity fidelity.


It represents swiftness, diligence, 

charity and love




The dove is a symbol of the soul and
Holy Spirit. It means peace
and purity.



A dragon with his sharp eye, is the 

guardian of treasures. He is also 

the bravest of all the creatures



Ducks can deceive their enemies in many ways by  

flying, running, swimming 

or diving. Therefore, they are a symbol 

of a person of many resources.






The eagle symbolizes a man of action, the
high and important matters is concerned.
   A person of high intellect, ingenuity,
repartee and quick comprehension.
As a Christian symbol, the eagle represents  

salvation, redemption and resurrection  

Two-headed Eagle

Symbolically, a protector. a
together of two forces.






A symbol of huge strength and stature, 

wisdom, courage, happiness, royalty 

and ambition.


Elephant Trunk

The elephant head or the tusks is, as a
symbol of great strength and stature,  

wisdom, courage, long life, happiness,  

royalty, good luck and ambition.




 Falcon or Hawk

The falcon or hawk is someone who eagerly
        in the pursuit of an object and is not
rather dormant until the goal was achieved.


Feathers are a very common symbol in heraldry,  

which is not surprising when  

you consider that frequently during a tournament

  the helmet with feathers  

was decorated. Means willing
obedience and serenity of mind.


Fish are symbols of bravery and  

   They are also symbols of economy, science
and symbols of the Christian faith. a fish
constitutes a genuine, generous spirit


Provides a stylized form of the lily. It is 

the floral emblem of France and is

 known as the "flower of light." It may 

also include the sixth son pose.





The fox is a symbol for a person of his
wisdom, ingenuity, wit and wisdom for 

his use own defense.





The goat is a symbol of practical wisdom
   and an emblem of a man who wins  

through diplomacy rather than war to win.





Grapes are a symbol of happiness, bliss
and peace. Fruits of all kinds was 

considered Proof of God's goodness.




Represents strength and  

lasting friendship



The griffin is a mythical creature with the 

head, wings and talons of an eagle
and the body and hind legs of a lion.  
   Bravery, strength, alertness and  

endurance.  A male griffin no wings, 

but often horns and a spiky tail.





Credibility, sincerity and justice.


 "Red Hand"


This is the mark of a baronet (Knight)

Armored Hand

Armored gloves symbolize a
armed man who is ready to wage war.



Represents a well-composed person  

of tempered judgment. A bridge to a  

mystical contemplation




The heart is the criterion of sincerity, a
person is telling the truth. It is sometimes 

used in this sense is used in heraldry,  

but often as a symbol of goodness  

and charity.




If a helmet is on a sign, it is
It represents wisdom and security  

meant even strength, protection  

and invulnerability




The horse is ready, ready for King
   and country,. it is also a symbol of speed, 

intelligence and masculinity.


Hunting Horn

A person of high or noble pursuits






The key is a symbol of knowledge,
guardianship and dominion. two key
      cross is the symbol of St. Peter, the
the key to the gates of heaven




A knight on horseback, represents a
warriors. Can also be the way of the  

people represent through life.






A symbol of faith, innocence, gentleness, 

purity and resolute spirit.



The lion has always enjoyed a high place

 in the heraldry as the emblem of undying courage, and hence that of a valiant warrior.



Symbol of honesty, constancy, noble birth


First son



A symbols of eloquence. The mermaid is 

generally represented with the traditional 

mirror and comb in her hands.


The bog is a person of the crusades in the
   fought with great bravery - or "took
the head "of many enemies.


Mountain and Rocks

Hills provide security, shelter 

and protection






Passion - pins symbolize remembrance  

and sorrow








The owl symbolizes vigilance
and repartee.




The parrot or a bugbear, as it is called in heraldry

 can mean excellent service in 

a tropical country

Palm Tree

 symbolizes righteousness  

and resurrection



The peacock is a symbol of resurrection 

and immortality. He also represent  

beauty, power and knowledge.



Is a collector of bright objects is, the raven
   as a symbol of knowledge. He is also

 a symbol divine providence, also

  a durable resistance as well as the

 nature the bringer of death.


The ram is a symbol of authority 

and leadership





Symbolizes one who is cunning 

and determined.



Ring or Annulet


Fidelity. Sign of the fifth son




The rose is a symbol of hope and joy,
With red flowers, it is a symbol of grace,
beauty, and sometimes martyrdom. it is
also a sign of the seventh son.




Scales are traditionally a symbol 

of fairness and justice.



The image of a sickle or a scythe
expressed hope for a fruitful
Harvest of things out.


Symbolizes protection of providence.

Successful leader or one who has made long journeys



Symbolizes deliberation 

and perseverance



The serpent is a symbol of wisdom and
defiance. In addition, a symbol of fertility
   and renewal. Because of its forked 

tongue, it was also associated with  

lightning and the sun.
snakes represent the knowledge.



Although the spear, the spearhead and  

the broken spear all very similar 

symbols are they each have their 

own symbolic meaning.
   The spear, lance or spear-tipping  

is an emblem the gallant service and  

devotion to the honor and chivalry.  

The broken lance is a symbol of peace.  

The spear tip  symbolizes skill and 

dexterity of a person

Sleeve / Maunch 

A symbol of devotion, victory in tournament


A person who is ready for battle


A symbol of thrift, caution and conception 


The 5-star - Symbolizes divine quality
which is bestowed by

May also third son pose.




He is also a symbol of peace and 

harmony - a person of the policy.



Close parental bond


The Swan is the ensign of poets and
musicians. It symbolizes perfection
beauty and grace. It is also light, love,
grace, sincerity and perfection.
For a carrier, it is the swan
poetic harmony and learning.


The sword is the symbol of the military
honor. It is also a symbol of power 

and freedom. .
   The sword (especially with flame) is
also a symbol of purification.





The thistle is an ancient heraldic symbols

  of pain and suffering.



Tree stump


A tree stump or tree trunk with
sprouting leaves as a symbol of the can
be rebirth and re-growth used.
He is also a symbol of worship.



The tower is very much like a castle,  

it is a emblem of grandeur and of society.
It is also a symbol of the defense and a
   individual fortitude.






Symbol for perpetuity, longevity


Antique and symbolizes strength. In Ireland,

 the noblest of oak trees.




A symbol of purity and virtue.






Symbol of a wheelwright or  

carriage maker



 Wheat Sheaf


The wheat sheaf is the meaning of  

abundance and hope



Symbolizes swiftness and protection.







The wolf means valor and guardianship. wolves were considered to be cruel  

and merciless 











































































































































































































































































Heraldry Symbols