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Coat of Arms Heater Shields - wooden knight shield

Wooden knight shield - heater shield


We offer 5 different knight shields made from wood or steel, the background color of the Coat of Arms 

can be painted in antique white - soft black - maroon - old gray - gold wash etc.  

Following knight shields are also available  - click on images to enter the gallery

knight shield 4 pointed ornate

knight shields

steel knight shield

steel knight shield geese

knight shield display

Close up pictures of     family crest paintings 

Wooden knight shield gallery         /   2  




Medieval knight shield hand painted Asselstine Coat of Arms

Medieval knight shield  

Asselstine Coat of Arms


Medieval knight shield  with hand painted Merritt family crest

Medieval knight shield  - gold and black

with Merritt family crest


Medieval knight shield - Broudfoot arms

Medieval knight shield with

Broudfoot arms with slightly

antiqued finishing

 Gordon clan crest knight shield

Medieval knight shield 

with Gordon clan crest

Carr clan crest badge knight shield

Medieval knight shield - wood 

soft black background

Carr clan badge Coat of Arms clan crest

wooden knight shield goetz graf

Knight shield with  double crest

painted w. gold leaf paint 


knight shield, heater shield taylor

Wooden knight shield 

Taylor  Coat of Arms



wooden knight shield w. golden lion

Knight shield w. lion

painted w. gold leaf paint



Wooden knight shield gallery         /   2  

Our knight shields  are 100 % hand painted with attention to details - 

each shield is created in a traditional old world painting technique, 

using superb color blending and brushstrokes to assure a high quality heraldry artwork. 

Shields are 28 x 18 inches  /  68 x 50 cm 







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