Coat of Arms on Leather

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 arthofer family crest painting on leather 

Family crest on leather 

click on picture for leather examples



 Family crest on leather        CHAH - 101 

 For limited time we have a few smaller leather canvases which are perfect

 for small family crest paintings. 


 For an exclusive presentation of your family heritage we like to recommend

 your family crest painted on soft leather.

 The soft, natural surface of the leather will give the paintings an unique,

 antique, noble presentation of the crest painting.

 Family crest painting on leather starting from  $ 295.00

 approx. 9" x 12" inches

 Following sizes are available:

 12" x 16' / 16" x 20" / 20" x 24" / 24" x 36" / 30" x 42" and 42 x 54 inches.

 Custom sizes on request.


 Crest can be painted on leather as it comes in it's natural shape 

 or can be cut to any size ready to be stretched and framed.   


 Stretching and framing available !


 Send your request via  e-mail  or phone 01(505) 891 7289

 We ship world wide !


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