Family Crest - Coat of Arms Wooden Plaques  





van beek, traditional family crest plaque 

Family crest plaque - soft white


 gold wash family crest plaque  

Family crest plaque - gold wash


lane family crest plaque

Click picture for antiqued

family crest plaque



family crest plaque

classic family crest wooden plaque 





































  Family Crest Plaques 

  Each wooden  plaque is created with very fine detailed brushstroke work. 

  They are available in several different shapes and a variety of 

  sizes ( custom sizes on request )


  NOTE: the larger the plaques, the more detail work we are able to add

  to the painting. More shading and blending and fine brushstrokes will

 enhance the wall plaque to a very high quality family crest painting.


Plaques are made from pine or cedar wood

 FOR MOST of our larger family crest plaque we use Maple Veneer 

( which will not bend, warp, shrink or split after some years )

or MDO Signboards (great for outdoor use,  they are waterproof)


  Your family crest plaque can have an antique finish - or choose one of 

  following backgrounds ...   Soft white, light oak, walnut brown,

  rich burgundy, soft black and gold wash




  Pricelist for traditional and classic WOODEN PINE PLAQUES

Plaque-    9"  x  10"          145.00   USD   

Plaque-  12 " x  14"         175.00   USD   

Plaque - 14"  x  17"         225.00   USD   

 Plaque-  20"  x  26"     295.00   USD    

 Plaque-  24"  x  29"     420.00   USD    

 Plaque-  28"  x  36"     690.00   USD    


 Examples traditional-classic  family crests plaques

 Old English Family Crest Plaques  - 

 come in different sizes, wooden plaques  are  

 3/4" thick - custom sizes available.


 Examples old English family crests plaques

old english, cleever family crest plaque  

12"  x  13"       175.00 USD

17"  x  19"      235.00 USD

22"  x  24"       325.00 USD

33"  x  36"      675.00 USD


 OLD WORLD  Shield - 

 5 sizes to choose from, wooden shields are 

 1 1/4 " thick. Shield has been cut from cedar wood 

 - great for outdoor use.

 Custom sizes available 


Examples old world family crests plaques


old world family crest plaque 


B&W or color

12 x 13 inches

195.00 USD

17 x 19 inches

245.00 USD

22 x 24 inches

320.00 USD

27 x 30 inches

425.00 USD

32 x 35 inches  

690.00 USD


 OLD WORLD  double Shield - 

 5 sizes to choose from, wooden shields are 

 Shield has been cut from cedar wood or MDO

 - great for outdoor use.

 Custom sizes available 


Examples old world family crests plaques


Double family crest plaque 




17 x 19 inches

295.00 USD

22 x 24 inches

375.00 USD

27 x 30 inches

550.00 USD

32 x 35 inches  

790.00 USD


 CoA double shield - traditional

Coat of Arms shield is 14 x 17.5 inches made from maple 

Can be stained with walnut - oak - antique gold wash


 Examples of Coat of Arms double shields


Price for double shield Coat of Arms -  $ 245.00

coat of arms shield

 Gold Wash Family Crest Plaques 

 come in 3 different sizes, wooden plaques are  

 3/4" thick - custom sizes available. Background has

 been painted with gold leaf paint and lightly antiqued.


 Examples gold family crests plaques

 lothes family crest plaque gold wash 

10 x 14 inches

245.00 USD

15 x 20 inches

345.00 USD

20 x  27 inches

450.00 USD 


ROUND SHIELD   A unique presentation  of your family heritage, your Coat of Arms hand painted on 3/4 inch thick round plaque.

 Family crest  plaques are available following sizes 

 16"  -  20"  -  24"    and 30 inches

Examples family crests plaque

luescher round family crest plaque 

16 inches

245.00  USD

20   inches

325.00 USD

24 inches

395.00 USD

30  inches

495.00 USD



  Family Crest Design Work 

  If we need to create your family crest or with some material you provide, there will be 

  small additional design fee depending on the detail work and size of the artwork.





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sure name or any other information of your required family crest.

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