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Hand Painted Family Trees 


Ancestors & Descendant Family Tree with realistic portrait paintings -

anniversary portraits etc.

A pictorial presentation of your family heritage.


Examples of our custom family tree paintings on wooden plates

click on image to enlarge.

  Custom Family Tree on Wooden Plates

 Family tree plates can be shipped worldwide !


Prices are:

12   inches   169.00  USD     

14   inches   189.00  USD    

Add double portrait - 45.00 USD 

Single Portrait  - 30.00 USD


 FAMILY TREE  Anniversary Plate 

 Personalized family tree painted on a wooden plate with portrait painting. 

 Our family tree plates are available in 

 12 inch - with room for 12 name plaques  (approx. 24 names)  and

14 inch plates with room for 16 name plaques ( approx 32 names )

 To order your unique family tree plate just send us   

 your data and names of your family member, portraits in a JPEG o PNG file,

as well anyspecial requests and we are ready to get started.