Personalized Family Tree Paintings 

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standard family tree painting framed  

Standard family tree painting

Framing available

personalized family tree painting with ship

Personalized family tree painting


 family tree name plaques details

Detail family tree painting


 FAMILY  TREES on canvas -  FT-C  

 Our family trees are 100 % hand painted using the finest acrylic paints, oil and ink. You must be in

 possession of your genealogical research data to order you custom family tree.( up to 3 free design revisions ).

 They are unique one of a kind family tree paintings  - standard design family trees start

 from 295.00 USD -  for a 11"  x 14" painting on stretched canvas or watercolor paper.


 If you like to include any additional subjects for a personalized family tree ( for example:... portraits, 

 picture of home, family crest, scenery, motto etc...) .anything which is important for your 

 family history - please contact us for pricing !


 Family trees are available in various sizes.

  16"x 20" /  22" x 28" / 24" x 36" / 30" x 40" / 36" x 48" ** / 48 x 60 ** or any custom size !



 On custom orders we require a 50 % pre-payment

 for the artwork, the balance due before 

 artwork is shipped to you.


 NOTE:- all shipping costs are determined by size,

 weight, destination ordered and the 

 customer's shipping preference 

 and will be added to the final bill.


 Please read shipping / order information for more 


Deposit for family tree

Choose amount


 Family trees can be painted on wooden panels, watercolor paper or stretched canvas ready 

 to be framed. For larger paintings  ** we recommend unstretched canvas - it will be rolled and 

 shipped in a tube.



Send your request via  e-mail  or phone 01 (505) 891 7289

We ship world wide !


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