Novelty Family Crest / Coat of Arms paintings with an unique approach- gallery 3

Wooden plaques, canvas, watercolor paper and leather, unique heraldry art - hand painted and designed after 

your specific requests of symbols and elements you like to have featured in your family crest painting.


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For custom sized family crests please  contact us   for more information -  see details of  family crest paintings 




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andreotti family crest painting

A unique presentation of your 

family crest shield painted on oval canvas 


Custom designed Coat of Arms


Custom crest on

canvas - dragon, lion and owl 


 gwira family crest painting

Custom crest on wooden plaque.

on gold paint wash 


family crest painting

Custom crest on wooden plaque.

Plaque has been prepared with 

gold leaf sheets

Plaque is approx 34" x 38" inches

keegan family crest painting

Plaque has been cut out to the shape

 of the shield

family crest painting

 Family crest on wooden shield (oak)

Leaves are painted with silver paint.

approx. 28" x 38


family crest painting cribbage board 

Ball family crest on cribbage table 



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