Bauernmalerei Decorative Painting Workshop - New Edition

Traditional Bauernmalerei painting online classes

We got you interested - wonderful !

 With our eBook workshop you will receive ...


  • Personalized artistic support 
  • Instructional videos in HD- format
  • FREE patterns
  • Step by step painting instruction
  • Country rose - ball rose - tulip - sm. flowers - leaves
  • Brushstroke and antiquing techniques
  • Picture material
  • If you wish, we will provide feedback and suggestions how to improve your painting technique.

Bauernmalerei ONE eBook - 28 pages

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ML Mural Art is offering " Online Painting Classes "

Bauernmalerei -  Decorative Painting

Our Bauernmalerei eBooks online workshops includes Bauernmalerei

ONE & TWO - Bauernmalerei faux wood graining, marblizing, 

antiquing and kleister techniques as well Bauernmalerei patterns

with traditional folk art furniture painting examples.

You will be taught authentic Bauernmalerei techniques based upon

traditional patterns as well as Gerhard's Bauernmalerei painting.

I would like to introduce you to a Bauernmalerei painting style which

has been past on to me from my family in Austria /  Europe.

Our workshops are created to enjoy painting, the instructions

are easy to understand and supported with videos, worksheets

and picture material.

For now we have prepared our BAUERNMALEREI ONE eBook

which gets you started do discover this unique folk art

in a different way -  fun, uncomplicated, relaxed ...

and I'm sure in the future you will discover  -  develop your

own style which reflects your heritage with your personal

design and color combination.