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This workshop will get you started to enjoy Bauernmalerei as it is -

a wonderful art form with unlimited possibilities.

How to get started ...

After you purchased the Bauernmalerei eBook you will receive with

your order confirmation a link for the eBook workshop.  

Material list is included in eBook, most of that you will probably have already - 

it does not require a large color palette. 


Bauernmalerei ONE eBook - 28 pages

After your payment you will receive a link to our eBook Workshop


Please note - eBook link is available for 4 month after your pourchase 


Price Bauernmalerei eBook


 $  39.00

Gerhard's Bauernmalerei Online Painting Workshop 

NEW Edition

Bauernmalerei ONE is an instructional eBook with videos

and picture material. You will learn how to handle your paint,

your brush and shows you how to achieve splendid brushstrokes.

You will also learn the most important Bauernmalerei flowers like

the ball rose, country rose, tulips, leaves as well small flowers

and the technique of making small leaves, which can be used

very often as space fillers for any project.