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Embroidery family crest flag with lion
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Family crest banner embroidery with sord

Hand embroidered tapestry -  flags with ornate design are available up to 80-inches, 

please contact us for pricing - see following link for embroidery wall hangings

From your family crest painting, skilled craftspeople will create a high-quality hand embroidered family crest representation from your artwork using quality silver &                   gold bullion thread if applicable on velour,                       felt like, soft -thick wool fabric.
Embroidered standard family crests or Coat of Arms with shield supporters (animals or people), alliance coat of arms are available in following sizes. rod is not included. ​

 Price for hand embroidered family coat of arms
12 x 18 inch standard crest $ 240.00
12 x 18 inch double crest or supporters  $ 280.00

16 x 24-inch standard $ 295,00
16 x 24-inch supporters $ 365.00
20 x 30 inch standard crest $ 450.00
20 x 30 inch double crest or supporters $ 490.00

Depending on family crest design and size of embroidery, completion time is between 2 - 6  weeks.

Free domestic shipping

​If you like to have your family crest embroidered, please provide your family crest image in a large

Jpeg or PNG file approx. 1100 x 1400 px  please send your image to mlarts20@yahoo.com 
We do also have a large heraldry archive. We may have your family crest on file.

For research ​provide family sure name and country of origin.


Payment and order information 

  You can place your order via e-mail or for any questions call us at  (505) 891 7289

  We accept payments with check or PayPal, we will send you with our work order

a PayPal link were you can make your purchase.

Hand embroidered flags family Coat of Arms

Hand-embroidered family crest flag examples

 Hand embroidered family crests from your Coat of Arms painting

​We do prefer not to use commercialized family crest images, because embroidered family crests created from an original artwork will be a true authentic, representation of your family crest design. 
For best results we may make some recommendations or small adjustments to assure an authentic heraldry representation of your family crest.
If we have to create your family crest from scratch an additional design fee will apply.

The family crest embroidery service is outstanding. They deliver high-quality products with exquisite craftmanship. I'm always impressed by how amazing they look when I receive them.
Custom embroidery artwork - top quality craftmanship!