Coat of Arms Ceramic & Metal Tiles

Metal Coat of Arms house plaque 9 x 13 inch
Hale Coat of Arms metal house plaque 9 x 13 inch
Metal house plaque -  address plaque with Post family crest painting

Coat of Arms rectangular 9 x 12 ceramic tile

Coat of Arms oval ceramic tile

Family crest ceramic tile w. gold leaf

Ceramic tile w, Coat of Arms - Welcome

Ceramic tile with family crest

Double family crest -  wedding crest

Coat of Arms hand painted on aluminum or ceramic plaques



Unique rustic address plaque hand painted on white background -

horizontal or vertical design.

Plaque has screw holes to be mounted on wall or fence 

Because of the size and thickness of the ceramic plaque the clay has to dry

over a month before it can get fired. Our ceramic plaques are handcrafted,

with rounded off uneven edging,

approx.  3/4 inches thick, which gives that plaque a unique rustic appearance.

On our hand crafted ceramic plaques we use high quality enamel artist paint 

and they are sealed with several coats of durable UV varnish. 

9 x 13 inch -  3/4 inch thick - starting $ 149.00

Family Crest Coat of Arms Address Sign - Metal House Plaques

Family crest sign - metal address plaque, house plaques


Aluminum Coat of Arms 12 x 18 inch rectangular

plaques can have pre-drilled holes for mounting -  starting 245.00 USD

               Aluminum Coat of Arms plaque are approx. 9 x 13 inch - starting from $ 149.00