Family Crest Wall Plaques - Hand Painted Coat of Arms Plaques

Family crest Coat of Arms wooden wall plaques
Family crest wall plaques up to 30 inches
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To start with a family crest painting

we usually receive from our customers a digital picture, a simple drawing or a

description how the Coat of Arms should look like. This gives us a base to work 

from to create a wonderful family crest painting  - 

a high quality painting with attention to details. 

Click on images for family coat of arms wall plaques examples

  Family crest wall plaques, showcase of custom

Coat of Arms shields


Every coat of arms will be custom designed and 100 % hand painted. 

Our family crest plaques are not mass produced, the final wall plaque is a unique

piece of heraldry artwork that will become a cherished family heirloom. 


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