Coat of Arms Plaque - Family Crest Wooden Plates

Wedding Family crest painting on wooden plate
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Family crest painting on wooden plate
Pike family crest wooden plate

Traditional family crest wall plates

 Hand Painted Family Crest Wall Plates Wedding Plates 

​The outside border is decorated with delicate ornate brushwork.
Family crest has been painted on a wooden plate, there are two sizes available

- 12 and 14 inches.
We can customize your plate, color coordinate etc. If you would like to order 

your family crest painted on a wooden plate - send us your existing

family crest image or we may be able to find your family crest in our archive.

Hand Painted Family Crest Wooden Plates

Custom painted anniversary or wedding  plates

Single standard family crest / coat of arms painted on a  12 or 14 inch wooden plate -

prices are  $ 149.00 and  $ 169.00 

Family Coat of Arms with shield supporters or double crest are priced slightly higher 

Please let us know what border color you prefer