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Family crest embroidery Swartz - Melillo

Double family crest embroidery  24 x 48 inch

​If you like to have your family crest embroidered, please provide your family crest image in a large

Jpeg or PNG file approx. 1100 x 1400 px  please send your image to 
We do also have a large heraldry archive. We may have your family crest on file.

For research ​provide family sure name and country of origin.

Hand embroidered family Coat of Arms

 Hand stitched embroidered family crests from your Coat of Arms painting

​We do prefer not to use commercialized family crest images, because embroidered family crests created from an original artwork will be a true authentic, representation of your family crest design. 
For best results we may make some recommendations or small adjustments to assure an authentic heraldry representation of your family crest.

​The family crest embroidery service is outstanding. They deliver high-quality products with exquisite craftmanship. I'm always impressed by how amazing they look when I receive them.
Best embroidery artwork - top quality craftmanship!