Personalized Family Tree Paintings on canvas

Logo - family tree paintings canvas
Personalized family tree painting with realistic portrait paintings
Family tree painting 30 x 40 inch canvas with family coat of arms
Hand painted family tree w. Coat of Arms - 13 generations
Wedding family tree w. family coat of arms shields
Family tree painting w. coat of arms

Family tree painting w. Coat of Arms

Wedding family tree - oak tree with bride

and groom's Family Coat of Arms shields

- 30 x 40 inch camvas

Family tree painting w. Scottish castle, cabin & Coat of Arms - 36 x 48 inch

Family tree painting 30 x 40 inch canvas

with family coat of arms - approx. 150 names

Family tree painting with portraits, Coat of Arms and homes

Family tree painting w. Coat of Arms shields -

13 generations

Hand Painted Family Trees 

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Custom Family Tree Paintings for Parents & Grandparents


Ancestor Table & Descendant Family Trees created with realistic portrait paintings -

anniversary portraits, Coat of Arms of your family & ancestors,

your home, hometown etc. A pictorial presentation of your family heritage.

Our family trees are 100 % hand painted using the finest acrylic paints.

 The final product is a unique piece of family tree artwork that will become

a cherished family heirloom.

We ship our family tree paintings worldwide !

You must be in possession of your genealogical research data to order

you custom family tree.( up to 2 free design revisions ).  They are unique

one of a kind family tree paintings  - standard design family trees

start from 295.00 USD -  for a 14 x 16 inch painting on  

canvas or watercolor paper.