Personalized Family Tree Paintings on Canvas or Watercolor Paper

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 Personalized Genealogical Artwork


Based upon your genealogical research, we can create a family tree painting  

that is as unique and individual as your family. Your additional data

about your family surroundings, portrait paintings, important stages during decades / centuries will personalize and create a unique

one of the kind genealogical artwork.

Every family tree painting is individually designed, with intricate details,

personalized to reflect your family's history.


Each ancestry tree is 100 % hand painted using the finest acrylic paints.

 The final product is a unique piece of art that will become a

cherished family heirloom.


Traditionell standard family tree start from $ 295.00 for a

14 x 16 inch painting.


For any personalization with portraits, Coat of Arms there will be

a small additional fee. 



Custom Genealogical Artwork for your Parents - Grandparents.

We create your personalized Family Tree Painting with Portraits and

Coat of Arms. Family tree paintings are a pictorial presentation of

your family heritage, custom hand painted on wooden plates,

canvas or watercolors paper.


Our custom tree paintings are shipped world wide !


International customers contact us for special offers !


Personalized family tree painting w. Coat of Arms

Custom family tree w. portrait painting form B&W photos