The Heraldic Helmet - Helm

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Coat of Arms - Family Crest Helmets

 The helmet or helm is situated above the shield and bears the torse and crest. One of

the fundamental rules / laws of heraldry is that the style of helmet displayed varies according to rank and social status.

I have collected a few examples showing the variety of those heraldic helmets.


"A Complete Guide to Heraldry"

 Since one's earliest lessons in the rulesc of heraldry, we have been taught, as one of the fundamental

laws of the achievement, that the helmet by its shape and position is indicative of rank; and we early

learnt by rote that the esquire's helmet was of steel and was placed in profile, with the visor closed:

the helmet of the knight and baronet was  to be open and affronté; that the helmet of the peer

must be of silver, guarded by grilles and placed in profile; and that the royal helmet was of gold,

with grilles, and affronté. 


For me as an heraldry artist it is wonderful to see the diversity of helmets, every  Coat of Arms has

their own individual helmet. There are quite a number of different styles of helmets, from stylized,

old style, simple to very elaborated representation - as individual as your Coat of Arms !


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