Heraldry Shield Divisions - Charges

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Modern French - Ital
Swiss - English 1750 -1850
Traditional Spain - German
Ornate 1500 - 17
Italy 17. century
medieval knight shield - crest Spurlock
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References material are taken from following heraldry publications

a.)  A practical manual of heraldry and of heraldic illuminations 

- publish 1864

b.) A dictionary of heraldry  - published  1889c.) The elements

of heraldry - published 1866

Heraldic Shield Divisions - Charges
Simple charges are called ordinaries
Heraldic Shield Shapes 

 There are quite a variety of different shield shapes in heraldry which over centuries has constantly have changed in shape. Below are some of the most common shields and shield divisions



The principal element and most important part of a heraldic achievement is the shield,

shields in heraldic language are called escutcheon.

There has been many distinctive shapes developed during the different periods

of heraldry. Also the heraldic artist by itself was able to include his own presentation

of a shield. The complete surface of the shield is described as field, it can be plain,

it can represent a single tincture or multiple sections of differed tinctures divided

by various lines of partition. The shield contains the field where on are represented

the charges and figures that form a Coat of Arms. Following examples

are only a small collection of the numerous possibilities of heraldry

shield shapes - divisions and ordinaries.

 Heraldic Shields 
The shield is the element on which armorial charges are displayed, it may be of any form. 
The only exception is the lozenge or diamond shape which is reserved for maiden ladies and widows.

    Chef     -   Fesse    -   Pale

Per Pas    -   Per Fess    -   Per Bend

Per Ben Sinister     -  Quarterly  -         Per Saltire 

La Pointe Cape  -   La Pile Chausee   - Embresse

Bend   -           Bend Sinister    -       Cross

Saltire     -       Chevron


Per Chevron

Pale Endorsed  -  Fesse Cotised   -   Bend Cotised

Paly      -        Barry       -    Bendy


Cheguy    -        Losengy     -        Gyronny

Paly Bendy     -    Barry Bendy     -   Chevronny