medieval knight shield - crest Spurlock

Heraldic marks of cadency

There are nine differences which are used in heraldry, they not only distinguish the sons

of on family, but also denote the subordinate degrees in each house.

References material are taken from following heraldry publications

a.)  A practical manual of heraldry and of heraldic illuminations 

- publish 1864

b.) A dictionary of heraldry  - published  1889c.) The elements

of heraldry - published 1866

 Arms example of existing families

Heraldry Shield Divisions- Heraldry Arms

LABEL -          CRESCENT -           STAR  -          MARTLET    -         ANNULET


FLEUR DE LIS    -    ROSE  -           CROSS   -     OCTOFOIL    

First to Fifth Son

Sixth to Ninth son