Coat of Arms Family Crest Meanings - Letter A

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The angel is always in full

view, shown with the wings

extended and upright.

He is the bearer of the good

news as well as dignity,

honor and glory.

Ant / Emmet

Symbol of the ant

traditionally meant one

who the workers

a strong, wise and  

foresighted in all his affairs.


Apples symbolize

generosity, happiness,

peace and salvation.

All kinds of fruit were

as symbols of God's


Armored Arm

Represents a person who

served as a senior person

or has a leader position.

Bare Arm

represents an industrious

people, someone who

believes in hard work 


Arrows symbolize martial

readiness. If is

represented by a cross,

it is representing

a disease as a 

result of the war.

Ass / Donkey
Stands for patience and humility  key
 Axe  / Hatchet

Symbol of execution of military duty

The antelope

means harmony,

peace and

political wisdom.


considered a

symbol the purity

and speed.

Annulet / Ring

Symbol for fidelity -  

also representing

the fifth son 

The anvil -
symbol of honor 
represent strength
and fortitude.
The character of the acorn
is independence, strength and antiquity represent
The anchor is a symbol
of salvation, hope and religious steadfastness.

Heraldry Symbols Coat of Arms Meaning

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