Coat of Arms Family Crest Meanings - Letter B

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Belt Buckle

Victorious fidelity in


 Bull / Ox 

represents bravery and

generosity,  The horns are

the strength and fortitude.  

The calf is a old heraldic

tradition with the 

properties of patience,

humility and

sacrifice connected.

Bay Leaves / Laurel

In antiquity it was a sign

of peace.Seen and stillness.

A symbol of  victory and

glory, especially after one

long, inner struggle.

Beacon / Lighthouse

Somebody who is

watchful, who gave

 a signal in time of danger


Symbol for liberality,

felicity, and peace

Bezant / Gold Roundel 

Symbol for justice, virtue,

wealth and prosperity

Roundels can be

in different colors


  of all species (blackbirds, 

thrushes,  red bird)

provide peace 

and affection for

  the home and family.


is the symbol of courage.  

a champion with the

wild animals.

Boars head stands for hospitality

 Book open

The open book signifies


When closed, signifies

counsel. Books are

generally a symbol of

learning/ knowledge


Governor or



He wears the emblem

of strength. A bear is

also a symbol of

 healing and personal

health and bravery.


The bee is a sign of

industry, creativity,  

wealth, diligence and


  Symbol of royal power.

Represents industry and perseverance

One who is not

afraid of signaling

his approach in

war and peace

Represents awareness
of the powers of darkness
and chaos
Barrel / Tun

It may symbolizes a

vendor of beer or wine, hospitality


Heraldry Symbols Coat of Arms

In this section of our website we have selected some of the most common

coat of arms symbols, from time to time we update our list. There are

many imaginative variations and combinations in every crest design

 that identifies the particular carrier /owner of a family crest.

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Heraldic symbols in alphabetical ranking


Please note that the following listed symbol descriptions and meanings have been compiled from a 

variety of heraldic sources. Besides these symbols being globally used, the opinions and 

interpretations between heraldic researchers may vary slightly.

We update our page regularly with heraldic symbols !

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