Coat of Arms Family Crest Meanings - Letter D-E

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can deceive their enemies in many ways by flying, running,

swimming or diving. Therefore, they are a symbol 

of a person of many resources.


One who has endured torrents of liquids, as in battle. Come in different colors.


is the symbol for courage, loyalty
and vigilance  


The eagle symbolizes a

man of action, the high

and important matters

is concerned.

   A person of high intellect

, ingenuity, repartee and

quick comprehension.

As a Christian symbol,

the eagle represents  

salvation, redemption

and resurrection  

Two headed eagle


a protector.

a together of two forces.


A symbol of huge

strength and stature, 

wisdom, courage,

happiness, royalty 

and ambition.

Elephant Trunk

The elephant head or

the tusks is, as a

symbol of great

strength and stature,  

wisdom, courage,

long life, happiness,  

royalty, good luck

and ambition..

Ermine Spot - Fur
Represents mark of dignity

Celestial goodness or noble person


It represents swiftness, diligence, 

charity and love


is a symbol of the soul and
Holy Spirit. It means peace and purity.


with his sharp eye, is the 

guardian of treasures. He is also 

the bravest of all the creatures

represent strength
and fortitude.

One who will not fight unless provoked; 

peace and harmony

Symbol of constancy

Heraldic Charges  Coat of Arms

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