Four Point Knight Shield – Medieval Shield Coat of Arms

shield back - handle
shield back- chain
coa-knight-shield-de kvoach

Hickman Family crest

Medieval knight shields - Coat of Arms Gallery 2


 Our knight shields  are 100 % hand painted with attention to details - each shield is


created with an old world painting style, using superb color blending and


brushstrokes to assure a high quality heraldry artwork. 


Shields are handcrafted from a master blacksmith. 

Shield has gold leaf painted rivets or rim and chain for hanging or handle.

Besides featuring your full Coat of Arms achievment it is also very well suited

for shield of arms only.

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Article # 4-MKS-04



Kephart family crest- gold and silver

Hedrick Family crest shield

Nolan Family crest

Belcastel Coat of Arms Shield

Alliance Coat of Arms Smith-Jones

St. Mullins knight shield - old gray

Ballinger knight shield - antique white

 De Kvoach Coat of Arms

Hand painted four point knight shields

 Shield comes with gold leaf painted rivets and chain for hanging or

iron handle. Besides featuring your full Coat of Arms, it is also very

well suited for shield of arms only