Medieval Knight Shield – Wooden Heater Shields

knight-shield-Flotow family crest
knight-shield-Salopek family crest
wooden battle-shield- Kephart family crest
knight-shield- Cochran CoA w. shield supporters

Hannover  SCHILD of ARMS 24 x 30 inch

Custom shield family crest 

wooden knight shield 24 x30 inch

Wooden knight shield 19 x 28 inch

Wooden knight shield -  antik white

Salopek Coat of Arms shield

Battle shield - Shield can be used for tournaments or decor. Slightly curved shield,

hand crafted from quality wood using multiple layered glued 12 mm plywood.

Shield is covered with canvas and has 4 straps of strong calf leather.

Available in 3 sizes - shield with full family crest achievement.

18 x 24-inch from $325.00 

19 x 28-inch from $350.00 

24 x 30-inch from $395.00 


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Custom Hand Painted Wooden Knight Shields

 Our knight shields  are 100 % hand painted with attention to details - each shield is


created with an old world painting style, using superb color blending and brushstrokes


to assure a high quality heraldry artwork.


19 x 28- inch / 68 x 50 cm wooden knight shield -  weight is approx 4 lb



                                                 If you prefer to place your order with a 50% deposit payment option

                                                   and balance will be due when ready to be shipped -

                                         or payment of full, whatever you prefer

                                                please contact us and we will provide a PayPal link

                                        for the deposit payment.


Go here to see close up pictures
of family crest paintings