Custom Family Tree Paintings Pricelist

Pricelist for standard family tree painting - incl. sketch for artwork

14 x 16 inches / 30 x 40 cm   -        295.00 USD
16 x 20 inches / 40 x 50 cm   -        345.00 USD
20 x 24 inches / 50 x 60 cm   -        415.00 USD
22 x 28 inches /  56 x 70 cm   -       495.00 USD
24 x 36 inches / 60 x 90 cm   -        595.00 USD
30 x 40 inches  / 76 x 100 cm -       660.00 USD
36 x 48 inches /  90 x 120 cm  -      790.00 USD
48 x 60 inches / 120 x 150 cm  -     1100.00 USD
64 x 80 inches / 160 x 200 cm -      1290.00 USD

When ordering please send us information about your family name list etc. any special request

and choice of background, style etc. For portraits and family crests please  use/ jpg or png 

to send us your photos -use  larger files ( approx., 1ooo x 1400 ) this will help us to see

all necessary details for the painting.


We do accept personal checks, also you are able to make your purchase

with a credit card. For  credit cards we use PayPal, on our work order

we will provide a PayPal link for your purchase.

Standard  Family Tree Painting on Canvas - Watercolor Paper

 Our family trees are 100 % hand painted using the finest acrylic paints, oil and ink. You must be in possession of your genealogical research data to order you custom family tree. 

We take commissions on a first-come, first-served basis

Currently we offer FREE standard shipping 

Every piece of artwork we create is given much attention to detailing and 
the highest possible quality. We do not commission any other artists to prepare
or finish our custom orders, as we like to keep the quality and integrity of the
paintings to our highest standards thus assuring premium artwork for you to enjoy.  
When you place your order please be aware of the following completion
time schedule for our artwork – towards the Christmas season the time frame
may be extended. 
Custom family trees… 4 - 8  weeks, depending on size and complexity of artwork.
We thank you and all our clients for the trust and support you given us for our products,
and we are very blessed and appreciative being able to be so productive in
what we love doing most.

A traditional standard family tree design start from 295.00 USD

- for a 14 x 16 inch painting on watercolor paper or canvas. 

For example: Standard design

for 14” x 16​” painting includes  up to 4 generations, tree with standard landscape, name plaques, scroll for title 

( up to 15 name plaques - approx. 30 persons ).

If you would like to include any additional subjects

for a personalized family tree like...  picture of home, place of birth,

family crest, custom scenery, family motto etc. anything which is important

to your family history - there will be a small additional fee. Portraits will

be priced differently - please contact us for pricing !