Garden - Driveway Gates Coat of Arms Shields

Metal house shield w. family crest
whitworth-family crest-driveway gate - house-shield-oval-m
coat-of-arms-shield for outdoor
toole-shield-of-arms metal shield for gate  for gate
coa-cuneo-metal shield for driveway gate
Driveway Gate Metal Knight Shields -Heraldry Art
coat-arms-outdoor shield-courtyard-m
outdoor shield, coa-brick-wall-2-m
driveway gate shield-column-mm
Driveway gate shield-3-point
garden gate-shield-family-crest-2-m

Coat of Arms aluminum house shield

Family crest aluminum shield w. gold leaf

4-point knight shield stainless steel 14.5 x 18 inch

Driveway gates shield of arms on aluminum shield 14x18 inch

Stainless steel 14 x 18 inch family shield of arms

Coat of Arms hand painted on aluminum or stainless steel knight shields

  Elegant, outdoor shields for gates, fences, columns etc. custom 

hand painted in old world style featuring your

Family Coat of Arms - shields are available in 14x18 and 18x24 inch, curved or flat. 

Coat of Arms shield stainless steel  -  gold leaf paint

Coat of Arms shield stainless steel 14.5 x 18 in


Aluminum Coat of Arms plaque  14 x 18 inch  -  4 point shields can have pre-drilled holes

or hooks for mounting. 

4-point iron gate shield curved with rivets made from stainless steelk or aluminum

14.5 x18 inch with full family crest achievement starting from  $ 275.00

3-4 point shield flat 18 x 24-inch with full family crest starting from $ 325.00


Aluminum oval driveway shield approx. 24 x 32 inch

Aluminum shield 18 x 24 inch

Family crest aluminum house shield