School logo sports shield
School logo ruby sports shield
School logo shield
University Coat of Arms logo shield
Arrupe- school logo shield
shield back - handle
shield back- chain
School logo wooden shield
School logo shield lancer shield
Augsburg University shield

University Augsburg coat of arms 20 x 30 inch

School sports shield 18 x 28 inch metal

Wooden school shield 18 x 29 inch

College, University Sports Crest  - hand painted school logo shields . 

Custom designed college, school crest shields, University knight shield 

Shields are available as 4-point shield 14 x 18,  18 x 24, 24 x 30 or 26 x 36 inch  - 
wooden heater shield, 19 x 28 inch, metal heater shield, in two sizes   20 x 30 and 19 x 24 inch

For a high-quality heraldic artwork each shield is 100% hand painted with attention to details
Price starting from $ 290.00 depending on size of shield, complexity of the artwork, elaborate details etc.

To get started with your school crest, please provide us with your ideas what symbole you 

like to use for your shield, ... any simple sketches, picture files etc.

Beased on your provided info we wiill create your personal college crest shield for you. 

Our metal shields are hand crafted from a master blacksmith
Shields comes with chain or handle


School logo shield 18 x 24 inch

University schield 11 x 12 inch

Rugby school sports shield 18 x 24 inch

School shield 28 x 34 inch

Wooden school sports crest shield 18 x 28 inch

Handle- metal shield

Leather arms straps -  wooden shield

Chain -  metal or wooden shield

Arms strap -  metal shield

We offer several different sizes of knight shields made from wood or steel

Back of knight shield