Solid wooden Knight Shield – Battle Shield

Wooden knight shield - battle shield
Wooden knight shield -
Wooden knight shield -  Kephart Coat of Arms shield
Wooden knight shield lg -  school crest

 Coat of Arms battle shield wooden knight shield 


This are our newest addition in our shield collection, it's a very solid battle shield - shield  can be
used as wall décor or for tournaments
Wooden Heater Shield handmade plywood shield is about 24 x 22 inches, pressed and curved,
overall thickness of these shields is approx. 3/4 inch. -  comes with chain for hanging.
Weight is approx. 6 lbs
24 x 22 inch shield price starting from 375.00 USD – large 32 x 24 inch shield

with full Coat of Arms  545.00 USD

depending on the complexity of the artwork  - 
crest design with elaborate details - double crest etc.  Arms only or full Coat of Arms achievement.
Please contact us for pricing. 


Article # MBS-01

Read more about our knight shield - ordering- pricing etc.

Close up pictures of  family crest paintings 

Coat of Arms painting -  wooden knight shield
​ 22 x 24 inch

Coat of Arms wooden knight shield

Wooden battleshield with family crest painting -  gold and silver

Coat of Arms painting -  wooden knight shield
​ painted on silver background  32 x 24 inch

Battle shield - Shield can be used for tournaments or decor. Slightly curved shield, hand crafted 

from quality wood  - Shield comes with chain or arm straps

Custom Knight Shields