Blank wooden knight shield - medieval shield 20 x 28 inch

wooden heater kinght-shield

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 Functional wooden heater knight shield,

3 sizes - starting 18  x 24 inch.

Shields are made of poplar wood, 

curved and covered with linen. 

Leather arm straps on the back 

weight approx. 3.4 lb
Article #  WHSH-1



Shield  18 x 28-inch

price 84.00 

Wooden knight shield -  SCA shield

Hand crafted wooden knight shields made of poplar wood an covered with linen.

This heater shield is hand-made from approx. 0.4 inch thick plywood. The outer cover is canvas

and on the back you find four adjustable leather-straps fixed to the wood. The shield is blank and

basecoated with white primer ready to be painted with your own Coat of Arms design.


Shield  18 x 24-inch

Shield  24 x 30-inch

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